2017 has just begun and our agenda is looking forward to filling it with thousands of plans . What better than to do them in family ? Stimulating children culturally is very positive if we talk from the educational level and development. So, if you take them to the movies , to ski or simply to take a walk in a city they do not know you will be doing for their future personality more than you can imagine.

If you want to make plans but your inspiration continues to party, we propose 17 plans so that your children never forget 2017.

1.Watch Movie

Is there a warmer plan for a winter afternoon or more refreshing for a summer? A movie session never hurts and they love it. If you do not know what the films will fill theaters this year, we have a compilation to let you choose the ones you like the most.

2.Take a Bike Ride

2017 is the year of the bicentenary of the bicycle. Why not go out to celebrate? Climbing and climbing hillsides, parks or even the city. It will be a great plan when the weather is perfect for it.


If you prefer not to give them all the freedom of the world with paintings and crafts materials, teach them to cook for yourself. Who knows if you have a small Michelin star in the kitchen at home.