How to Mount a Tent


Riding a family-size tent can be complicated and time-consuming, but it is not impossible. Set up your tent and secure it with just two people, Before packing and leaving your house, be sure to carry everything: cloth, stakes and posts. Do not forget to bring a mallet or hammer and a roll of adhesive tape.

You will need:

  • Instructions:
    1. Be sure to get to your camp before it gets dark. Arming a tent in the dark, or with a lantern, can certainly be time consuming. It can also be dangerous or at least uncomfortable if you end up sleeping on a stick that you lost while cleaning the campground area.
    2. Clear the area where you are going to mount the tent. Clean all stones and sticks. Later it may be uncomfortable or painful, if you sleep on top of one. and you can also make it trip, while you place the store in its place.
    3. Most stores come with specific instructions, but start by placing the store on the floor and tie it with different cables to different posts. Once organized, take the stakes and insert them into the hoops or ribbons that are at the ends of the tent. This requires the help of two people working on opposite sides of the store.
    4. Lift the tent and secure it by placing the stakes on the floor. Rotate it until the door is in the desired direction.
    5. Extend the floor of the tent so that there are no wrinkles, working from the opposite sides of the same. If the terrain is very consistent, this may take some time.