How to evacuate a youth camp in case of emergency


Though it not as usual, sometimes it may necessary to evacuate a youth camp When performing at the outdoors because of unfavorable conditions. The most common are forest fires or unforeseen weather events, such as storms or torrential rains. In these cases, in order to evacuate the youngsters in the safest and most efficient way , it is necessary, before starting the camp, to prepare a plan of evacuation according to the place of camping that must be followed in these possible adverse circumstances. Anyway, Self-protection is the simplest and inertia -generated action.  We will discuss about how to evacuate a youth camp in case of emergency, So that you have a guideline to follow.


  • Previous information
  • Warning system
  • Evacuation plan
  • Return to the place of activity

Previous information

You must determine a person from the team of monitors or leaders who will be in charge of obtaining information on weather conditions, weather forecasts, information on fire risk and its prevention or evolution. Therefore, it will be necessary to have information before starting the camp, but it must also be updated.

Warning system

There are 3 actions to be taken in the event of an emergency:- First of all, of course, notify the participants of the risk situation and the possibility of evacuation. You must also notify the competent authorities of any risk situation that may affect you.- If necessary, you must inform the family .

Evacuation plan

There must be a document in which the following data, adapted to each place of camping, is collected. The data you should have are-
Place to which you are going to address: name of the population and equipment or service that will welcome you.
Itinerary or route to be followed and existence of an alternative path.
Organization of the groups for evacuation and name of the monitor or responsible person who will monitor each group.
Minimum utensils that will need to be collected.
Means of transport that you will use for the evacuation of the group.
Persons responsible for maintaining the activity of Informing to relatives during the evacuation.

Return to the place of activity

The agents of the authority will authorize you or not the return to the place where the activity was done, so that the return is safe. Whether the emergency has been caused by weather or by fire, or for any other reason, you will never be able to return to that place if the permission and consent of the relevant authorities.


The most important thing is to stay calm at all times and avoid panic.