Before we begin, a travel: improvisation, in these cases, is not a good ally. Think that it is not enough to hang a backpack and let you take … those times have passed. Now a days family travel requires at least a little organization and planning.

Here are 6 Tips you Should Follow when Traveling with Kids

1-Destination. Traveling with children means taking destinations into account. All place may not advisable, for example, if our idea is to venture into the jungle, small ones are not the ideal companions. However, almost all destinations can be suitable for a family trip , as long as it is organized well and activities are chosen according to the ages of the children and the limitations that this entails.

2-Where to stay. In addition to choosing a suitable destination, you also have to know how to choose the accommodation. Hotels allow us to get rid of cooking, picking up, cleaning, but it is true that if we travel with babies, perhaps an apartment offers us more freedom of movement, schedules and a quieter atmosphere.

3-Transport. If we are going to travel by train, by plane or by bus, we must always find out what specific conditions to travel with children have the company that we choose, as well as discounts, promotions, etc. If we choose the car , we must remember that it is recommended to always stop every 200 km and that, traveling with children, there may be extra stops.
4-Entertainment. Choose the transport that we choose is essential to think that children need to entertain , especially if the journey is long. Toys , food, water, a tablet in which they can see cartoons or a movie … all resources will be of help and patience a great virtue.

5-Meals and dinners. Adults have many more facilities to adapt the schedules of meals and dinners during a trip, we can eat anything anywhere … but not children , it is not convenient to do so. It is important, as far as possible, to respect their meal times and make sure that there is an order in their food, as well as ensuring that their diet is as healthy as possible. The whims are very good, but beware that they become a regular of your food.

6-Hours of rest. The hours of sleep children are very important, therefore, but to go to bed later while traveling or on vacation, it is important to respect their off hours. This is the only way they will charge the batteries and they will be on top the next day.