SLRs are in the market since the 1960s. However, the existence of rangefinder cameras gives an indication that there are superior features delivered by rangefinder cameras. Some of the best features of range finders are smaller and lighter in size and specifications. You will be able to capture high-quality images in an effortless manner.

There are technical differences between rangefinders and SLR cameras. If you go for a classic rangefinder, there will be manual focusing along with coincidence range finding mechanism. There are various types of rangefinders. You can find them as per the price, brand, size and features.

What is a rangefinder camera?

Rangefinder cameras are very popular during the 1950s. Some of the popular models are Nikon SP, Leica (M7 and M9), Yashica Electro 35 and Mamiya 7. The rangefinder camera comes with a rangefinder. In most of the cases, it will come with a split-image rangefinder. The photographer will be able to measure the subject in a very efficient way and photos can be captured with a sharp focus.

There are laser range finders which work on the same concept. When you press the button, the laser beam will be emitted by the rangefinder. The high-speed clock will determine the travelling distance and the return of the laser beam.

What is Single Lens Reflex (SLR) camera?

When you go for SLR or DSLR, the optics and mechanism of SLR camera will be clubbed with the digital image sensor. In traditional cameras, the exposure will take place on a photographic film. The reflex design is the difference between DSLR cameras and digital cameras.

Difference between Range Finder and SLR Cameras


Advantage of Rangefinders

The image quality rendered by a rangefinder is very high. No mirror will be flipped in the rangefinder. It is possible to design new lens and the back of the lens should not necessarily keep far away from the image plane. Thus, the lens will not be hit by the mirror.

The lenses of wide angle rangefinders will be smaller and shorter. There will be less distortion in rangefinders and it is much better than SLR. The hand-held images will not go through blurs as flipping is avoided. The vibration will be very less. There will be precise focusing with wide lenses as well as normal lenses.

Light and Small Camera

You can manage good quality snaps with a rangefinder. The camera will be lighter and smaller so that there will be a great convenience. You can avoid additional weight associated with prisms. The weight associated with flipping reflex mirrors and focus screens will also be avoided completely.

You can manage superior wide-angle lenses with a rangefinder. The wide-angle lens that you can get include wide, ultra-wide and ultra-ultra wide. The design is free from flipping mirror barrier. Hence, the size of the camera will be tiny.

Wide lenses (up to 12mm) on full frame can be obtained with rangefinder. Even though you go for cheapest rangefinder, there will be excellent results and high-quality images can be captured in an efficient way.

Benefits with Rangefinder

There will be quieter operation with rangefinders. As no mirrors are provided in the camera, you will hear the shutter noise only. There will not be any blackout with the rangefinder cameras. You will be able to capture snaps very quickly so that there will be great convenience.

You will be able to focus, compose and shoot by using both eyes so that high quality images can be captured without any issues. By using eyepiece magnifiers, you can get additional viewing experience. There will not be any shutter lag with rangefinder cameras. It is possible to capture the peak of the moment in an effortless manner.

No AF assist lights are required as long as you can get ambient light. If you go through the SLR camera, you will want to go for trial and error method to achieve high quality shooting.

You can choose a best rangefinder based on the photographic type and user experience. Even though rangefinder as well as SLR-type of cameras is used by professionals, the selection will be based on the application. Action shots can be planned in a detailed manner with the help of rangefinders. They are a fine option for landscape photography. Shots can be composed in a better way by using rangefinder.

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