Can I do Barbecue on the beach?


Have you ever done a plan to organize a party with barbecue on the beach? The truth is that it is a very creative idea but has a drawback and is that it is not always allowed to fire at the seashore. Therefore, it will be necessary that you report well before doing so, if you do not want to face a possible fine and sanction. Here we will explain more about if you can do a barbecue on the beach.


  • Barbecues on the beach?
  • Designated holidays
  • Request for permission and regulations

Barbecues on the beach?

In general, it is not allowed to barbecue on the beach or to make bonfires in the coastal area. In the case of Spain, the beaches are regulated by the Law of Coasts and the Royal Decree approving it, with the aim of protecting these natural areas. Even so, it is usually the municipal ordinances responsible for legislating this type of competencies. Therefore, the municipalities are those who ensure compliance with the law and sanction those who make barbecues or bonfires not allowed on the beach.

Designated holidays

Even so, it should be noted that in the calendar there are festivities closely linked to the tradition of making bonfires and barbecues on the beach.
That is why some municipalities only allow this type of activities, always under the relevant security measures, in said parties.

Request for permission and regulations

Also, some municipalities such as Malaga, which contemplate the realization of moragas and barbecues on the beach always with prior request for permission and respecting the regulations.
To do this, you must contact the town council and follow the process to receive permission to barbecue on the beach.

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