How to choose the best tent


There are several factors to take into account when buying a tent for camping. This decision will mark our comfort, well-being and comfort during the trip that we have programmed. The main points for outdoor activities are the size, weight and quality of textile materials, footwear, accessories and all types of equipment. In addition, taking into account that most of the time we will have to carry the equipment to the place where we are going to use it (mountain, beach, shelter, …). we must take into account our physical capacity and Distance to travel to consider the weight of what we will include in the luggage.

The tent should be chosen according to the demands of each person.


The first thing you have to think about is whether your tent’s going to use for camping (mountain, mountaineering, …). You will need a lightweight tent and simple and quick assembly, while for the camping of recreation space and comfort will prevail.
If you are a professional or a regular mountaineer , it is normal to have several stores, between two and five stations, depending on your needs. In addition, weight and impermeability will vary from one escape to another.
On the other hand, people who enjoy the mountain but do not visit it so usually, can decide for a shop a little more general, a versatile model that can be used both in cold months and in the hottest. The ease of assembly of igloo stores is perfect for those who go to the mountain occasionally.

It is important to also consider the size of the store , since it is usually better to have a larger one to ensure more comfort. You can not always leave part of your belongings out of the store. So add the luggage to the number of people you want to put in the store.
However not exaggerate the dimensions. But it is important to think about the lightness of the whole, easy to fold and store when the store in its holster and quality of materials. If the camping is preceded by a walk, a very large store can be a problem for who has to load it. So you will probably have to distribute the burden among others, with the consequent annoyance. It is better to take several smaller stores to distribute the weights better.
If you are looking for a long-term camping tent (summer camps or campsites), a Canadian store , with or without a porch, can give you a little more time to assemble it, but it will ensure you more comfort and comfort.
Finally, we can also choose the brand , if there is one that gives us more confidence or know better. The North Face or Salewa are specialized brands in mountain tents, while Marmot or Vaude are more dedicated to recreational tents.

Choose the store that best suits your needs.