How to Clean Sleeping Bags


Even if you do not give it a very frequent use, the sleeping bag is an object that serves us on numerous occasions and gets us out of more of a hurry. For a backpacking trip, a camping trip or for the kids to go away for a few days with the school or camp, the sleeping bag will be your best friend. If you want to always be clean and prepared for any occasion, take note from here. In the article we explain how to clean sleeping bags. Follow these tips and you will always have it in perfect condition.


Pre-treatment. With the help of a sponge, rub the stains of the sleeping bag. You can moisten the sponge and add a little detergent, especially if you just spilled some liquid.

It is advisable to wash the sleeping bag in a large washing machine . Using hand will be more expensive, because it needs a lot of water to remove the soap from the washing.

Before putting the bag in the washing machine, close the zipper tightly. Then add a mild soap to the machine. If the bag is synthetic, you can also use the detergent you use frequently to wash your clothes. You can also add fabric softener if you need it.

Try washing the sleeping bag with warm water. Once the wash cycle is complete, program another cycle for the bag to rinse.

You see carefully when taking out the sack of the washing machine, because the piece is large and when wet it will weigh more. To remove all the water presses little by little the bag. It is advisable not to wrap or squeeze to remove the liquid.

Once you have drained it, wrap it up like a ball and put it in the dryer . If you do not have a dryer, you can lay it out to dry.

Make sure the bag is dry before storing it, otherwise it may cause moisture, odors and mold .

If you keep your bag clean even though you do not use it often, and thus keep the spongy down. It is advisable not to dry the piece because it could damage the pens due to solvents.