The Free Camping Areas in Spain


If you want to make an exit to nature and spend the night in tents , it is absolutely necessary that you know the areas qualified for it. Otherwise you will be breaking the law and you can be sanctioned by rural agents. Currently, the camping areas in Spain are being restricted a lot due to the legislation that regulates this type of facilities. For this reason, there are few free camping areas that remain in Spanish territory. Even it is totally prohibited to camp in some autonomous communities, since it is the regional governments that determine the laws on camping.

  1. The Xorret of Catí
  2. Island of Ons
  3. Entzia-Iturrieta
  4. Negratín
  5. Porta Coeli
  6. The Curota
  7. Legislations

    The Xorret of Catí

    Located in the province of Alicante , El Xorret del Catí is a area of camping, recreation, and a hotel. These facilities are surrounded by a magnificent natural environment, between the Sierra del Maigmo and the Sierra del Cid, forming the creek of Catí.

    The outdoor camping area has toilets equipped with hot showers, barbecues, fountains and tables-benches. You can find panels explaining the rules of behavior and use of the facilities.Here you can find the cheapest hostels near Xorret del Catí.

    Island of Ons

    The Island of Ons is in the province of Pontevedra and is one of the components, along with the one of Cies, Sálvora and Cortegada of the first National Park of Galicia, declared in 2002. This beautiful Galician island allows the camping free only in time of Summer (from June 1 to September 30) and it is necessary to request a permit. You can request through the Internet.


    In the mountains of Entzia-Iturrieta, in Álava , there is also a free camping area. It is accessed by going up the port of Opakua from Salvatierra, and the camping area is on the right side of the road. You can consult with the City of Salvatierra the conditions and requirements for camping in this area.


    The surroundings of the Negratín reservoir, of which the views from Mirador del Negratín stand out, is one of the most attractive natural areas of the Altiplano de Granada. Next to the dam and the viewpoint, a recreation area has been formed in which you will find a restaurant, a recreation area with benches, tables and barbecues, a camping area and a short path along the top of the slope of the reservoir.

    Porta Coeli

    In the province of Valencia, we find a camping area in Porta Coeli. It is facilitate with having a fire area, play area, toilets etc. In a natural environment of Camp de Túria, you can access from Serra direction Náquera CV-310 and about 900 m. You will find a cross to the right towards Cartuja de Portacoeli by the CV-332 and 5.1 km.

    The Curota

    Located in the province of A Coruña. There is a mountain and natural park, called A Curota with a spectacular view of the Rías de Arousa and Muros-Noia. In this area we can see many wild horses and cows that live there all year round. It should be noted that there is no transport with the town and the distance is long. So, it is recommended to arrive by car or go well prepared to walk.


    These are just some examples of the free camping areas of Spanish territory. But we want to point out that each Autonomous Community has its own legislation on the subject, which determines whether camping is allowed or not, as well as the conditions and requirements.

    • When you go camping, always respect the facilities and the environment.

    The Curota