How to camp in the mountains


Are you thinking of escaping from the city? With summer and long weekends, holidays and vacation time, it is no wonder that more and more people decide to flee from the routine to enjoy a well-deserved rest time. But a right guideline can help you in camping smoothly. In this article we are going to describe how to camp in the mountains and enjoy contact with nature.


Beach and sea are the most sought after places to spend these days and thus chasten the high temperatures of summer. But there are also many other plans to enjoy the summer season and summer weather.
One of those plans is to make a camping trip. But there are those who do not like the agglomerations of this time of year and look for other alternatives to enjoy a good camping. That is why camping in the mountains is an activity that gains more and more fans.

For camping in the mountains, the first thing we have to take into account is that we should not take extra luggage, since in the backpack,¬†food and the tents we must take them to slope. That’s why the lighter of luggage we will be better.

Once we get to the mountain we should find a good place to mount our stores. The best thing is to look for a place where the rocks can protect us from the cold and the wind that usually does in the heights of the mountains. Due to that cold, we need to carry some of our warm clothes between our luggage to help us spend the nights.

Although it is not easy to light a campfire in certain places, you can try to gather some grass and dry leaves to light a fire. Of course, we must be very careful and have the fire controlled at all times to avoid possible accidents, and we must always have a mobile phone to ask for help should it be necessary. To eat it is better light foods and easy to elaborate with camping gas, and remember that when leaving you must leave everything clean.

Tell your family where you plan to go camping and never go alone.