How to camp on the beach


What could be a better plan than camping with the sun and the good weather to enjoy the vacation with friends or family? It can be a very fun plan, as well as an original and economical way of sightseeing. If you are imagining what it would be like to spend a few days at sea and do not know how to do it, pay attention to the following article. Here, we will explain how to camp on the beach. A vacation that will allow you to take a bath, enjoy the good weather and even see incredible sunsets. With these tips you will spend an unforgettable summer. Take note!


Choose the beach where to camp. You can not do it in anywhere, but that the beach must have a suitable zone to be able to mount your store and to spend there a few days. Check it before camping.

Find out the rules of the beach. This is not only important to know if it is prohibited or not to camp, but to know what you can do and what not. This way, you will avoid that your holidays are truncated by a misunderstanding.

The weather. Even if it’s summer you must keep it in mind when packing your belongings. While it is true that you need bathing suits, as well as comfortable and fresh clothes for the day. You may also require jackets, sweatshirts or something warm for cool nights . The sea breeze can be treacherous! So remember the saying: prevention is better than cure.

Plan activities. Being all day between the sea and the sun is very good, but if you want to spend different and fun times, we propose ideas for you to do activities during your camping. From fishing, to popular paddle surfing, diving, surfing, kite surfing or a beach volleyball game, are some of the sports that will make you have a great time during your camping on the beach. Sign up!

Protect yourself from the sun. Think that you will be exposed to lightning all day long. Take a good sunscreen and moisturize often. Drink plenty of water, and you will prevent your skin from drying out or dehydrating. Also, bring hats or head scarves or umbrellas. Cover the sun to avoid sunstroke .

Camps away from the sea. Find a suitable distance to plant your camp. Think if there is a strong swell or the tide rises, you could wet everything and lose most of your objects.

Camps away from the dunes. Like the sea, sand can cause damage to your small campsite especially if there is a strong wind. We recommend that you protect yourself from them. Mount a small shelter behind trees or shrubs. You will thank these.

Grills and barbecues. Check what can be done in the area and do not forget to add in your luggage the grills. You will enjoy the good weather and a good barbecue by the sea.

Caution with the sea. Do not trust and see if the rules allow you to swim or not. Remember: the red flag prohibits the bath by danger, the yellow transmits caution and the green gives free way to take your bath. Observe the warnings.

A book, good music or recreational activities will brighten up your camping on the beach . Have a great time and enjoy your economical summer.