How to camp with children


During the favourable conditions of the weather nature offers us an unforgettable opportunity: to spend the night in the open, an unforgettable plan especially for the little ones who see it as a unique experience. And is that even for adults to disconnect from the “civilization” for a few days can be very rewarding, but doing so with the small is good to take into account some recommendations. so, here we give you several tips so you know how Camping with kids and enjoying the most.





For adults it is wonderful and even necessary to get away from time to time civilization, but the kids are also looking for fun. So, make sure you can find entertainment on the site where planning to camp. With areas that are suitable to play ball, bathing in the river or the sea etc. will suffice to spend a couple of different and fun days.


It is important to have a large tent where the child can fit, because if it is very small it is not appropriate to sleep with the parents. Make sure you have a comfortable sleeping inflatable mattress and support the weight of all your “users”


Take everything you need for your comfort but without exaggerating in the luggage. The fundamental thing is a kitchen and portable refrigerator (cava), folding chairs and if possible a table, lanterns or camping lamps and inflatable mattress for the store. If it is very hot, you can buy special fans for camping.


When packing, it is necessary for the child to know that he can not carry all of his toys, that they have little space and that it is necessary that he chooses. Do not forget a soccer ball, shovels and all those toys perfect for the outdoors.


It is very important to have clothes and shoes suitable for children to be comfortable, fresh and best suited to play. Choose the clothes depending on whether you go camping in the mountains or the beach


Camping is synonymous with insects so you should carry with you biodegradable insecticides that keep you protected from mosquito bites and other animals. Also do not forget the sunscreen to avoid burns that will result in a bad night for all.


If they choose the mountain it is important that the children know that they are in a natural area and that as such they must respect it . They must not manipulate any plant or animal that they do not know nor play in holes, hollows or caves that can be the home of dangerous animals like snakes and big mammals.

8. Take this opportunity to teach children the importance of taking care of nature, to help you compile the waste and place it in a suitable place and preserve the area in good condition. Also show them how beautiful the landscape, the calm and beauty of a starry sky away from pollution and the city.

9. Remember at all times that camping with children means being constantly alert and never leave them alone as it is an area they do not know and miss is simple. So, no unsupervised walks outside the camping area, even in the case of older children.

  • Enjoy a few days away from the city and the routine sharing with family.
  • Do not forget to make the camping a fun experience so the little ones will not hesitate to return again.