How to camp with rain


If you are thinking of going camping, but the place where you have decided to escape has a rainy climate. You should be prepared to set up your tent. Whether you go to the mountains or on the beach, you can fall into one of those typical summer storms and ruin everything. That is why, in this article we are going to give you some tips on how to camp with rain.


Provide your suitcase with clothes suitable for rain. Even if it’s summer, remember to wear some coat, plus a raincoat or waterproof clothing. Remember also to carry an umbrella with you.

When setting up your store, avoid doing it under trees or shrubs. Think that in case there is a thunderstorm, a stone falls or a lot of wind, the logs or branches could fall on your camping tent. Thus, you will also move away from the possible animals that can live in the branches of any tree.

If it starts to rain, do not lean on the walls of the store, or put any object that can pressure. Otherwise, the water could collect around and eventually seep through the carp walls. Anyway, if you are a regular camping person, you should buy a waterproof tent to avoid other dislikes.

With a canvas you can create a space on the outside of the store, attached. So, in the event of rain, you can cook or be more comfortable in this place, without having to be at all times inside the camping tent. You will thank him.

When you put the canvas, remember to tighten it, otherwise it could accumulate water on the ceiling and end up yielding. He thinks that the water can weigh too much and when breaking the canvas could flood everything. Be very careful.

We recommend that you fit a small channel around your camping tent. This is a good technique to prevent rain. It should be about 20 cm wide by 20 cm deep, and should surround your tent. This way you will get rainwater to accumulate in the gutter and prevent you from soaking your tent .

Dry the store thoroughly before storing. This will prevent moisture from spoiling it.