What is glamping?


We all know what it means to go camping : contact with nature, sleep in a tent, dispense a little of the luxuries of our day to day and get closer to our natural state. But age or spirit often make these experiences not as good as we would like. There’s a solution? Of course yes: here we tell you what is glamping.


  • Camping + glamor
  • Popular among celebrities
  • More luxurious … and more expensive
  • Also at music festivals

Camping + glamor

The word glamping comes from the combination of ” glamor ” and ” camping “. This makes it very clear what this new trend in tourism is all about: camping, yes, but with glamor. That is to say, take the shop to the middle of nature (although there are also other modalities like cabins or houses in the trees), but that this is bigger, have beds or mattresses, measures to avoid the entrance of bugs, have electricity & more Luxury and glamor in general.

Popular among celebrities

The glamping there for several years, but began to make popular until the marriage of Scarlett Johansson and Ryan Reynolds opted for this type of camping for their honeymoon. Everyone was surprised that the couple decided to spend those days like this, until it was learned that it was not an ordinary camping trip: it was the Clayoquot Wilderness Resort, a luxurious glamping place in Canada.

More luxurious … and more expensive

Although there is glamping for all tastes and pockets, the truth is that those who really give that feeling of glamor and luxury are expensive. It is what has power to camp like an Indian maharaja in the desert or in a cabin in a forest but with fireplace, private bath and luxury bed. Prices can exceed $ 1,000 a night.

Also at music festivals

If the only times you’ve done camping have been at music festivals and you’re thinking maybe you’re a little older for that. You have another option before you drop in the hotel. Many festivals have also begun to incorporate areas of glamping: they provide the shops, often with electricity and soft surfaces to sleep o. So, you do not have to look for a place, or fight to mount and dismantle . Everything looks a little better, right?