How to Dismantle a Tent


You have enjoyed an excellent camping in the nature, stayed at tent, mount it with joy and enthusiasm and obviously gathered a bulk of happiness. But now it’s time to leave the camp, and many people wonder if to dismantle the tent need to take the same care as to arm it. The answer is yes! It is important to do it step by step to prevent it from deteriorating or the parts are lost. So in this article we will explain how to dismantle a tent easily.


Dismantling the tent requires following the same process we used to mount it , but the other way around. In this way we will keep the tent in good condition, without running the risk of losing any part or damaging any of its parts.

Before disassembling your tent, make sure that the entire interior is perfectly clean and free of dirt , this way you will ensure that the store is kept in perfect condition. Close the zippers of the tent and get ready to disassemble it.

If your tent has roof over it remove it and save it. Then you must remove the stakes of the winds, the tensor strings of the tent. Do it carefully making sure you clean the stakes well and keep them safe.

If your tent is Canadian model and has parantes, then at this moment you must lower them to continue disassembling your store.

Now proceed to remove the rest of the stakes, always keeping them carefully. Lower the tent and stretch it well, eliminating any possible bumps caused by the air intake.

It is time to wind the tent, do it so that when unrolling it again the entrance door is first. So it will be much easier to arm it next time.

Now save your tent and all its accessories: parantes, roof, piles. Make sure everything is complete, so the next time you go camping you will not have any problems.

Remember that it is very important that the tent is well cleaned inside and out before storing it for a long time. If it is not so and you can not clean it where you are, when you arrive at your destination, you must rearrange it and clean it.
A quick way to do this is by using a hose, you should not apply soaps or detergents as they can damage the material of the tent.