How to Get Oriented on the Mountains

How to Get Oriented on the Mountain

Everybody desires to experience the adventure of hiking and beauty of the nature. But when it comes to get oriented on the mountains, you should be well prepared to avoid getting lost and having a hard time. There are some very simple and useful tips or tricks to get oriented on the mountains.

 Get Oriented on the Mountains: Instruction

  1. The compasses are a very useful tool for mountain trip. Clearly mark the north and south, and serve to find the road again in case you have lost. The altimeters are also very useful. They help to see the height above the level of the sea where we are.compass for orienting on mountain
  2. If have no compass, see the sun to find the north and south. The solar outlet and sunset can also be a very useful reference. It’s not so hard as we everybody know the sun rises in the east and sets in the west.
  3. Don’t think to go for hiking without a map of the area you are touring. It is advisable to be cautious and to look for your position on the map. See the nature that catches your eyes for example, a river, a mountain range, etc. Try to identify it on the map to guide you and take the right direction.
  4. In case you are lost at night, a key element to orient yourself in the mountain is to follow the stars . The star will always indicate the North. From there, you can trace the route. If you prefer, look for a place to spend the night and start the journey the next day.
  5. As a basic rule, in case we get lost and do not have a map, we should always try to go down.
  6. Another method to orient ourselves in the mountain is with the clock . To mark the northern hemisphere, set the solar time and point with the small hand of the clock toward the sun. The bisector of the angle forming small watch hand and twelve locates the south.
  7. The vegetation can also help you to orient yourselves.. In the Northern Hemisphere, slopes oriented to the North and Northwest tend to offer greener vegetation because there is more moisture and they grow faster.