How to make a campfire


If you are planning to party on the beach or go for camping, it is essential that you learn how to make fire. Remember that before making a bonfire you should check that you can make fire in the area and that you do not endanger any person, as well as the flora or fauna of the place. If necessary, ask permission. In this article, we will discuss about how to make a bonfire . Learn the techniques well and you can easily fire.


Dig a hole. It should be large enough to cover the campfire and remember that the hole should be far from trees, camping areas, buildings, etc.

To make sure the fire will be safe, surround the campfire .

In the middle of the hole put two logs or pieces of firewood in parallel . This will be the basis of the structure that will form to ignite the fire.

Then place a pile of tinder: wood chips, logs, newspaper, etc. With all these materials you will be able to start the fire.

Above the tinder put dry chips, i.e. small sticks. Have them lean at an angle with the wood and then place another bundle of chips, leaving space to be able to ignite the fire. You must repeat the process until you notice that the pile reaches the height of your knees , more or less.

Around the bonfire places large pieces of wood upright and make a kind of tent with logs. With this structure you will be able to enclose the pile of tinder and chips that you have created.

Light the fire . Try not to throw the structure. To revive flame we recommend that you blow gently . Enjoy the heat of your campfire safely!