The hill and mountains are always great place that offers many attractions numerous leisure options: hiking, adventure sports, horseback riding, etc. Whatever activity we choose to make an exit to the mountain, it is always necessary to take the necessary security measures to avoid any kind of unwanted problem. You must do a good pre-planning and be aware of having a good equipment and physical and psychological conditions.  To prepare your excursions correctly, we explain how to make trip to the mountain safely .


1.The Weather

To get out on the mountain first you have to think about the weather. Ideally, if the sky is clear and temperature is optimum (without too many rises or falls) there is no risk. It is totally prohibited not to go out for a trip if the weather is not good. Bad weather it is very dangerous for hiking.

2.The Routes

It is also important that before planning the routes that are available in the mountain, choose the one that best suits your level (there are usually paths for beginners, as well as for the people who have already done hiking several times) . Remember the routes and time duration and do not forget to take a map of the route : it will help you a lot in case of loss.

3.Find a Place

Once you get to the mountain you should find a good place to mount our stores . The best thing is to look for a place where the rocks can protect you from the cold and the wind. For cold, you need to carry some warm clothes and camping gears in the luggage to help you spend the nights.

4.Light a Campfire

Although it is not easy to light a campfire in certain places, you can try to gather some grass and dry leaves to light a fire. Of course, you must be very careful and have the fire controlled at all times to avoid possible accidents, and always save contact number of fire service to ask for help in case accident happened. Keep light foods which can be easily cooked by camping gas. Remember that when leaving the place you must clean everything so that environment does not become polluted.