Kayak is now a days so familiar watercraft to all sportsman specially fishermen and anglers. Its mainly used as a hunting and fishing equipment, see Wikipedia for additional information.

Today in materials, dimensions and everything are more developed.
When we camp, it will often be near a river, lake or sea.

What features does a Kayak have today?

The basic thing is not changed yet. The paddle.

But beyond that, we will find variety in sizes, designs and capacities , depending on the function they offer. Of course there are certain kayaks that are specific to competition, but that is not the issue at hand.

In general we will use all kayaks as a complement in the camping, are of plastic materials. We need to make sure there are no leaks on it as it will be used in the water. Another feature is the stability.

The kayak comes with 1, 2 or 4 people of capacity, the first two being the most common.
We will also find those prepared for fishing , with holders for rods and other implements as well as a place to secure fishing.
Others however will be more oriented to the walk . We also see kayaks where the crew goes in an inner receptacle, and others whose design is to go above it, having more freedom of movement.

Of course there is also the fashion, and the colorful that we prefer it to be.

Kayak and Camping

If this is an activity that attracts us, in addition to preparing our tent , sleeping bags and other items, we can load the kayak in our car as they are light weight, and go on adventure.

Of course our recommendation is to have respect for the water, it is easy to use. But we should always keep in mind that you have to return and can play against winds and currents.So don’t go so far.

Enjoy safely.