We might often wonder why babies up to a certain age are advised to sit in a rearward position or why it is recommended by American Academy of Pediatrics (AAP), to let all children up to the age of two, face rearward while traveling in a vehicle. In the past few years, there has been a trend where toddlers up to an age of four years are made to sit in a rear facing position in their car seats due to the fact which came into light lately.

As per the laws of physics, during a front collision of the vehicle, all the energy of destroying force is distributed evenly across the front seat structure, including the child’s body, if the child is made to sit facing the front. Whereas in case of such a collision, if the child is facing the rear of the vehicle, the crashing force makes an impact on the rear face of the seat and the remaining force is spread evenly across the other parts of the body which include the upper part of the body, the head and the neck. In this way, chances of getting hurt during an unfortunate case of accident is much less with a rear facing seat as compared to that of a front facing seat.

However, the rear facing car seat provides safety only when the impact of the force is from a forward head-on collision. The condition of the car seat needs to be in the opposite direction if the impact of force is from the rear end. No one can ever predict the time and direction of an unfortunate accident except the precautions which one can take in order to avoid it.

Rear facing seats, however, have been unpopular in market due to certain perceptions set by people. Some people wrongly believe that rear facing seats are sometimes very complex to install, take a lot of space in the car and are often uncomfortable for the babies. Parents, however, also wish that they should be able to see their child while traveling. This also makes both of them feel more content. They are also more concerned about babies who might feel uncomfortable or fall travel sick due to traveling rearward. All these factors drive them to switch from a rear facing seat to a forward facing seat as early as possible so that both of them feel more pleased.

In order to overcome this perception, convertible car seats were introduced in the market. Convertible car seat provides functionality where in a single car seat can be used for both front facing as well as rear facing seat at a time. So if you have a baby who is less than 3-4 years old or weighs less than 40 pounds, you might go for the best convertible car seat which is comfortable for your baby and use the seat as a rear facing seat and let the baby enjoy the rear view while traveling. The same seat can be converted into a front facing seat when the baby grows up and gains some weight too. Convertible car seat not only lets you save your money, but is also safe for your baby as it is built with a 5-point harness system which keeps your baby completely safe and secure into the seat.