How to Plant a Tent Safely


The first thought, when going on a field trip, is to plant the tent . Since it will be the shelter during the night and sometimes during the day when in the bad weather condition. It must be lifted with great care, so that there are no subsidence, landslides, infiltration of water, air and animals. To do this, read this article carefully and you will know how to plant a tent safely.


  1. The first aspect to consider is deciding where to plant the tent. Never tent by a water course, or in the bottom of a valley, or too exposed to the wind.
  2. Once found the site, which should be well flat you must carefully clean the ground , remove branches, stones and other objects that can make uncomfortable rest inside the store.
  3. The next step to mount the store is convenient to ride between two or three people.
  4. The next step is to stretch the tent and place the floor that is secured with the pickets. Place first the four sides.
  5. The pickets will be placed gently, not perpendicular to the ground, since it would be released, but making a small angle.
  6. Never nail a pickaxe with your foot. It will most likely bend and break. If it gets stuck, it may be because you stumbled on a small stone or root, move it to try to avoid it, if it still does not go in, try to nail it in other site.
  7. To better hold the cables of the store you can put a stick and bury it on the floor. Another trick to hold the store is to put a stones on the pickets.