Things to bring in the camp


What is better way to enjoy the beach but also the mountains and the countryside than camping. The arrival of good weather and warm temperatures not only gives us the opportunity to  enjoy camping. But to spend a few perfect days it is important to take precautions so here we give you all the keys so that you know what you should take to camp and enjoy the maximum contact with nature.


  1. The first and fundamental thing that you already know is that you should carry a tent. But remember that before leaving home you must make sure you have all the accessories, such as- covers, stakes, ropes etc. so that it works correctly.
  2. To sleep you can choose between a bag (we recommend an insulation to be a little further away from the ground) or an inflatable mattress that guarantees greater comfort. But make sure that it fits perfectly into your tent. If you opt for the mattress it also carries the device to inflate it.
  3. If you want to be more comfortable during your camping days you can bring a fan for the tent (in case it gets very hot in the evenings), a table and several folding chairs.
  4. Always include in your luggage a few meters of rope, they can be useful for any occasion. In the same way you must take scissors, a hammer and a shovel, useful to mount the tent of camping.
  5. In the evenings you will obviously need lighting. So, you can not miss several flashlights with their batteries (those of the head are very practical because they leave your hands free) or a pair of special lamps for camping.
  6. In specialized stores you can find a special brush and shovel kit to clean the tent inside, these work great if your plan is to camp on the beach as they will keep your sleeping place free of sand.
  7. Before leaving, check the weather forecast and wear the right clothes to make your camping days as comfortable as possible. In your luggage you can not miss your personal hygiene products as well as a package (or several) of toilet paper.
  8. You should carry a medicine chest with the basic remedies for stomach upset, flu, headache, fever and something to attend any slight cut in the event of a minor accident. Also do not forget the sunscreen and insect repellent that will save you a lot of discomfort.
  9. If you go camping in a place you do not know, especially in mountainous areas, always carry a map of the locality indicating the nearby villages, plus a compass or a GPS.
  10. Remember that you will need non-perishable foods such as canned and packaged products that are easy to handle as well as a gas stove, pots, and all the cooking implements you can carry. Include a cooler and dry ice that stays for longer.
  11. Keeping your camping site clean is very important. So, remember to include trash bags and pick up all your trash to leave everything in the best state.
  12. And if you want to spend a fun time do not forget to carry a ball (soccer, volleyball etc.) shovels, cards and some board games so that they all entertain yourselves.
  13. Being safe is also important so we invite you to consult our article on security measures for camping.