Although they are perishable, flowers are a gift that is hardly forgotten , remaining forever in the memory of the one who received such a precious offering. For this reason, offering a bouquet of flowers to your partner is one of the most successful ways to symbolize and perpetuate love .

However, before giving your lover a bouquet of flowers, we must follow certain protocols , and for this, we teach you below how to send flowers to your partner to make everything a success.

The basic Tips

Before sending the flowers to your girlfriend, boyfriend , wife or husband, you have to take certain precautions that on many occasions go unnoticed:

• Avoid floral species that may be allergic to the recipient, as some people can not approach certain plants for medical reasons . If so, hydrangeas, orchids and brightly colored flower can be a good alternative, since they practically do not cause allergic effects.

• You do not have to give flowers to impress the couple. Much less, in a desperate attempt to recover it in case the relationship has not gone the right way. The gift is only a complement in a love relationship that aims to recall, praise and affirm this love. Any day is perfect to give flowers.

If possible, select the recipient’s preferred flowers and correctly assimilate the symbol of each floral species and its colors. Nor should we forget to write a nice dedication.

The gift according to the occasion

Another point to consider is defining what you want to express with the flowers. We have already said that each flower is a manifestation of a different expression. It is not the same thing to send flowers at home to ask for forgiveness , to send flowers to love your partner. To give an example, depending on its color we will be sending one message or another. The 4 flowers can not be missed are:


They are well-known flowers all over the world and symbolize sensuality, beauty and seduction.


They have a very characteristic smell, this makes them to be used in all kinds of events such as weddings. It has a meaning of purity and respect for your partner.


It will express innocent and true love. It is a flower that is usually given a lot to show love and of course it is in the top 4 of which we recommend giving.


It is the flower par excellence that is usually sent home. Red roses are associated with the concept of passion

The Shipment

When sending a flower arrangement to your partner, you must first determine when it is expected to make the delivery and ensure that the chosen day does not coincide with a national holiday that may hinder the work of delivery services.

The birthday of the couple is an ideal occasion to send a beautiful bouquet of flowers. When it comes to wedding anniversaries and other important wedding events, delivering red roses is the most demanded option and it also never goes out of style. You can include as many flowers as years of celebration are going to commemorate.

If you want to extol some other momentous event of your partner, such as an academic achievement or professional promotion, violets are a very good alternative, since they infuse optimism and vitality.

For couples living in the distance , sending flowers may be the only way to feel close to being loved despite the miles apart, because a bouquet of flowers is the ideal way of saying a love you . In these cases, the delivery of the gift is, if possible, more important than in the previous examples and, therefore, we must attend to every detail. It is also appropriate to add some extra present as a photo album or a small box of the sweet favorite of the in love or in love.


Probably, if you have ever sent a bouquet of flowers at home , you will know the steps to follow when issuing a floral package, but in any case, we will summarize them briefly.

Before preparing the delivery, you must select the floral arrangement taking into account the tastes of the recipient as well as the budget of the purchase . Do not overlook the appearance and size of the gift, since you have to anticipate the location where the recipient will place the bouquet; Depending on it may be interesting to send the flowers accompanied with a glass vase.

After this first point, we proceed to choose the florist that best suits our needs , either because of the proximity of the place where the delivery will take place or the range and quality of the flowers they own. Today, online florists have good logistics to deliver in any corner of the country , so ordering from the internet may be the most advantageous choice.

Last but not least, you have to make sure that the recipient will be in the house (or the selected site) at the time the flowers are scheduled to be shipped. There is nothing worse than that a transporter finds the door closed when it comes to delivering a gift of this nature.

A safe Trial

Whether you are a man or a woman, sending flowers to your partner will always be a success. There is nothing like vindicating love using the utmost expression of nature compressed into a beautiful flower arrangement. Whether it is for Valentine ‘s Day , for a birthday , Christmas or to commemorate a special event, giving flowers to your lover will unite your hearts even more .

For all these reasons, we invite you to organize a beautiful gift for your partner and deliver it to the smallest details. Because once you know how to send flowers to your partner, it is only pending to put these tips into practice so that both you and your loved one enjoy this precious offering.