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8 Simple Gardening Tricks And Tips

Everybody, even me, likes spending a lot of time in their garden trying to make it as beautiful as they can. Since I enjoy spending time in my garden, I have developed a number of tips and tricks which can help you with your gardening.

  1. To prevent collecting dirt under my fingernails while I’m working in the garden, I draw my fingernails across a bar of soap and by doing this I seal the underside of my nails thus preventing dirt collect beneath them. After I finish gardening, I use a nail brush to remove the soap under my nails and they look sparkling clean.
  2. I have to turn my long-handled tool into a measuring stick. I did this by placing the garden tool on the ground and next to it I placed a tape measure. Using a marker I wrote inches and foot marks on the handle of the tool. This makes it easier for me when I need to measure some distance because I have a measurement tool in my hands.
  3. If you are using a garden twine as much as I do there is a very simple trick that you can do to have it ready whenever you need it. Place your twine in a small clay pot pull its end through the drainage hole and just turn the pot upside down.
  4. In my garden, I like to mark all my plans. But instead of using the traditional markings with a stick and paper, I wanted to come up with something more fun. That’s why I started using stones on which I write the name of the plant with a permanent marker and place it near my plants.
  5. My plans often catch aphids. I try to get rid of aphids with a strong blast of water or with insecticidal soap, but I managed to find another way. To make sure that those little buggers are gone for good, wrap a wide strip of tape with the sticky side out around your hand and pat the leaves of your infested plants, especially the undersides.
  6. If you have plants that love acid-rich soil then you can use your leftover coffee or tea grounds to acidify the soil. I sprinkle a little bit of the grounds of about one-quarter of an inch once a month.
  7. I found a really quick way to dry herbs: I place them on a sheet of newspaper in my car, arrange them in a single layer, roll up the windows of my car and close the doors. This way they dry really quickly and perfectly and what’s more, my car smells great.
  8. If your clay pots form salt deposits then I have found a really easy way to remove them. You just need to mix equal amounts of white vinegar, water, and rubbing alcohol in a spray bottle. Then sprinkle the mixture into the pot and scrub it with a plastic brush. Just remember that before you plant anything you need to let the pot dry.