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Common Television Problems And How To Fix Them

There are major and minor problems that can arise with a television set, and you can fix them if you are familiar with those complications. However, major television problems are pretty hard to fix and require that you seek the help of a professional. Still, minor television problems do not need the touch of a professional. Knowing why these problems happen and looking at them closely can help you fix them. Below are some common television problems and how to fix them.

When the video doesn’t match audio

It’s pretty annoying and frustrating when you watch TV and notice that what the speakers are telling you is quite different from what you are reading from the lips of the person you are watching. Like when you hear ‘hello’ after seeing the person on TV saying hello. You need to check your audio settings and make sure that your TV audio corresponds with what you are watching by adjusting your audio settings.

Picture breakup 

The images on your TV may sometimes not be clear enough for you to watch comfortably. This could be due to poor signal. Check all the cables connecting to the TV and ensure that they are correctly attached. Do not begin to loosen or untie anything, as the poor picture quality sometimes happens because of bad weather. If you have waited and the problem persists even when the weather is clear, you can begin to look out for other possible issues.

Multiple lines on the screen

If you see a lot of lines with different colors that tamper with the images you are supposed to see, it could mean that your TV fell or that something was thrown at it, causing the screen to crack. In this case, you would need to have your LCD panel replaced because it cannot be repaired once it is damaged. If you do not know how to fix it, seek the help of a professional.

The picture doesn’t show when the TV is turned on.

In this case, you must have input another means of watching the TV. Maybe you changed the settings to connect the TV to your decoder or DVD player. You need, at this point, to find the input button on your remote. Switch through the different options you have, and keep checking until a picture shows on your TV.

Color leaking

If you put on the TV and notice that you are not getting the color you desire while watching, there is probably a problem with the color calibration. This kind of problem demands that you call a professional to help you.

TV has a crack or a blemish.

Go to the TV settings if your display has lines. If you see streaks or cracks in the display, getting a new panel is not a viable option. If you have a protection plan, your TV will likely be replaced if there are marks on the screen.


A television set is an expensive appliance and needs to be handled with care because it is prone to problems, as just hitting it or tampering with some cables may cause it to malfunction.